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 Study rules, exams and grades

All exchange students must follow SGH Rules and Regulations of Studies that are available in English HERE.
Lecturers at SGH use different forms of examination, both oral and written, to assess student’s comprehension of the course material as well as their overall performance. In some courses, grades are given on the basis of written papers and assignments while in others continuous assessment is used based on compulsory attendance as well as active participation throughout the course.
Each semester is followed by a period of examination lasting 2 weeks in Fall semester and almost a month in the spring one. It is very important to realize that written examinations are held on specific dates and may take place even on the last day of the examination period, a fact which should be taken into account when planning your return journey. Likewise oral exams, arranged by the lecturers, must take place during the examination period.
Please be aware that enrolment for courses entails obligations, and once registered, it is expected that you take the course and pass the examination. It is against School’s regulations to drop a course without an official previous notice and not to participate in the final exam.
All individual study results (grades) are available within one month after the examination period via internet on the Virtual Dean's office website ( the SGH grading scale which can be translated into local grading systems using the ECTS Grading Table presented below:
Official ECTS Grading Table ​ ​​​ ​ 
​5.0* - ​23.5%** - ​23.5%*** - ​A - ​Very Good – outstanding performance with only minor errors
​4.5 - 16.2% -​ ​39.7% - ​B - ​Good Plus – above average standard, but with some errors
​4.0 - ​23.2% - 62.9%​ - ​C - ​Good – generally sound work with a notable number of errors
​3.5 - 16.3%​ - ​79.2% - ​D - ​Sufficient Plus – fair, but with significant shortcomings
3.0 - 20.8%​ -  ​100.0% - ​E - ​Sufficient – performance meets the minimum criteria
​2.0 -​ ​- ​F ​Fail – considerable further work is required
*SGH grade ​
**Grading percentage​
***Accumulated percentage ​

*) Based on total number of grades awarded in two-cycle Bachelor and Master studies in the years 2006-2010.