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 Registering your stay in Poland

​1. All foreigners staying in Warsaw for longer than 3 months in case of EU citizens/30 days in case of non-EU citizens, must register their place of residence (in Polish: zameldowanie or meldunek). In your case this would be temporary registration covering the stay from 3 months up to 5 years.
EU citizens and nationals of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland (or their family members) must register no later than in the 30th day of their stay in Poland.
Other foreigners (from non-EU countries) are asked to register their temporary address no later than in the 4th day of their stay in Poland.
The registration needs to be done in any Warsaw City Council District Office (urząd miasta). You are given a confirmation of the procedure on the spot.  To register your place of residence you will be asked to present the below listed documents:
-a valid visa  (in case of non-EU citizens)
-Lease contract (original copy) or act of ownership of the flat (original copy – presence of the flat owner might be required).  
We reccommand to take a Polish speaker with you (buddy etc.)
2. EU/EEA nationals whose stay in Poland exceeds 90 days must apply for temporary residence permit at Mazovian Voievodeship Office, but once already in Poland.

Other foreigners who wish to study in Poland must obtain a student visa valid for the entire duration of their stay at a Polish Embassy/Consulate relevant for their home country, and prior to their arrival in Poland. Foreigners who are already in Poland and decide to extend their stay beyond visa validity period (or if they arrived in Poland on a basis of visa-free movement, but wish to stay longer than 90 days) must also apply for temporary residence permit at Mazovian Voievodeship Office.

IMPORTANT! Extension of a visa on a basis of  temporary residences permit  is only possible in exceptional cases when new facts and circumstances arise after entering Poland.