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 On-campus accommodation

How can I apply for a place in Sabinki dormitory?
The on-line application for on-campus housing is available at after logging in. It opens the same day as the on-line application and remains active until April 30 and October 30 for Fall and Spring semesters respectively. During the aforementioned period students, using their access password, can apply for a place in Sabinki dormitory.
Can I apply for on-campus housing before applying for an exchange programme?
In order to be able to access the accommodation application you have to be beforehand registered as an exchange student. The login and password required for the on-campus accommodation are those used for the student on-line application system.
Can freemovers apply for a place in the dormitory?
Due to the limited number of places SGH does not allow freemover students to apply for on-campus housing. During the semester, should someone resign, you can apply for the free place in the dormitory.
How does SGH assign exchange students places in the dormitory?
All places available in our dormitory are assigned on first-come-first-served basis. Therefore, we strongly advise all students to apply at the beginning of the on-line registration period. Students coming to SGH under
PIM and CEMS programmes as well as Bilateral Agreements are given priority in the process of accommodation placement.
When will I know if I have been assigned a room in your dormitory?
Within 3 weeks after the on-line application closes, i.e. in late May and late October, you will be sent an e-mail by the SGH Incoming Students Officer informing you if you have been assigned a room or not.
Can I choose my roommate before coming to Warsaw?
The roommate assignment aims on maximizing the blending of nationalities and therefore, the International Centre does not comply with student’s request in this matter. The whole process is done randomly and in all likelihood you will be separated from any fellow students from you home university or country.
When can I check-in at Sabinki dormitory?
According to the School’s regulations the entire process of checking in at Sabinki hall of residence starts one week before the beginning of each semester. As this rule applies to all SGH students, we regret to be unable to allow exchange students to arrive in Sabinki before this date.
Do I have to inform SGH about my arrival date?
All students who have been assigned a place in our hall of residence are obliged to provide us with the exact arrival date by August and January for Fall and Spring semesters respectively. You are also asked to let your buddy know as he/she will assist you with the accommodation process.
Can I arrive to Sabinki hall of residence at any time on my arrival day?
Yes, you can check in at Sabinki at any time, providing you have informed the International Centre beforehand about the arrival time. Your key will be waiting for you at the 24 hour reception desk.
Do I need to bring any special documents in order to check in?
Please, bring along your passport/ID/driving license and one passport-sized photograph. Your photo is essential for issuing of your Sabinki resident’s card, the sole document which entitles you to enter the dormitory at any time.
What documents do I have to sign and why upon my check in?
Upon your official check in at Sabinki, always done in the administration office in presence of your Polish buddy, you are asked to sign the following document:
  • Contract between you and Sabinki hall of residence – contains terms & conditions of a room usage, fee payments etc.
  • Property Statement – signed by both room residents is a liability declaration on property items located in your room
  • Student Residence Information Card – contains your personal data
  • Contract Annex
How much is rent for a double room?
The semester rent for a double room is approximately 1 900,00 PLN/per person. Additionally, at the beginning of your stay you are required to pay 400 PLN deposit. It will be returned to you upon departure provided that there are no claims arising from any possible damage. You will need to pay for accommodation only after you check-in.
If I arrive in the middle of a month, do I have to pay the full rent?
In Sabinki dormitory, exchange students must pay rent for the whole duration of the semester within the first month after check in.
How can I make my payment?
Upon checking in, you will provided with a personal account number to which you should transfer the money for the semester's rent
What is Sabinki dormitory like?
Sabinki has 5 floors and is L-shaped. Each floor and wing have a big kitchen with sinks, stoves and oven (in the short corridor), microwave (in the long corridor). The hall does not provide residents with kitchen utensils so please bring them with you or buy them upon arriving in Warsaw. Toilets and showers, separate for men and women, have recently been renovated and are regularly and thoroughly cleaned.
What is the room equipment in Sabinki?
Each room in Sabinki is fully equipped with basic furniture: bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, table, shelves and fridge. At your disposal are also curtains, table lamps and a phone.
Do I need to bring my own bedding?
There is no need to bring your own bedding as you will receive it upon your arrival together with a warm blanket. Bedding is changed every two weeks free of charge.
Is there Internet in Sabinki?
Sabinki has an internet connection and intranet within the dormitory building. There is both wireless and cable connection, but there is only one plug in each room. We advise you to bring your own router. Internet cables are always at your disposal in the administration office.
What are the facilities offered by Sabinki hall of residence?
  • Laundry
    The laundry room is on the same level as the canteen, in the basement. It is equipped with washing machines and tumble dryers at your disposal free of charge.
  • Gym
    The gym is situated opposite of the shop downstairs. The facility equipment guarantees an effective workout. The key is at the reception, you need to sign in and leave your resident’s ID card as deposit for the key. Open until 12 AM.
  • TV room
    The TV room is on each floor, next to the elevators (room no. 42). The key is available at the reception desk (leave your ID as deposit), together with a reservation list.
  • Pool (Billard)
    The pool table is in room no. 342. The key and reservation list are at the reception desk, remember to leave your ID as deposit.
  • Backyard
    Sabinki has a big backyard with basketball pitch, benches and a grill. Basketball, football, volleyball and a net are all available for rent; all you need to do is to leave your resident’s ID at the reception desk as deposit.
  • Shop
    Across from the gym, there is a small shop open from 7 AM till 11 PM. Prices are slightly higher than in other stores, but you can find almost everything you need there.
Can I change my roommate during the semester?
If you do not get along with your roommate and you both wish to switch rooms, it is only possible provided the International Centrer is informed about the situation beforehand.
Can people from outside Sabinki visit me?
All Sabinki residents can receive visitors during the day. Visitors are requested to leave a photo ID at the reception desk upon entering. You must indicate the number of the room you will be visiting. All visitors can stay only until 4 AM. After midnight, after that time visitors are charged with a fee to the amount of 11PLN.
Can I have a visitor stay for a night or two in my room?
If you wish to have a visitor staying up for a night or two, please inform the reception desk and settle the additional fee of 12PLN per night upon her/his departure. It is only possible for a visitor for 3 nights in a row.
Can I resign my place in Sabinki in the course of the semester?
Of course, any student can give up his/her place in our dormitory at any time, but the semester rent will not be returned. After informing the International Centre and meeting all formal requirements Sabinki resident can receive his/ her deposit back and check out from the hall.
What do I have to do in order to check out from Sabinki?
In order to check out from the dormitory, students are requested to do the following:
  • Inform the Sabinki administration about your departure date (at least 5 days in advance).
  • Make an appointment with the administration officer (Anna Kalicka) for a room inspection
  • Visit Sabinki administration office to receive confirmation slip that will entitle you to receive your deposit (which can be picked up in Pekao Bank of SGH's main building)
  • Return your room key to the reception desk
What are the office hours of the Sabinki administration?
Sabinki administration, located on the ground floor of the dormitory, is open from on weekdays between 7 AM and 3PM.
Does my buddy have to assist me with checking in and out from Sabinki?
Buddies are obliged to assist you with the entire process of check-in and check-out from the dormitory. As SGH students, they are familiar with the procedures and can help both you and the administration officers to ensure everything runs smoothly. Students will not be allowed to check-in without a buddy or a person able to provide translation.