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 Nomination and application process



​If your home University is a partner of SGH, you need to be nominated in our online nomination system by your home coordinator. Check with your study abroad advisor for details.

If your home University is NOT our partner, you can come as a freemover (tuition-based program).

Nomination periods:

Fall (Winter) Semester & full Academic Year: February 13th - April 10th
Spring Semester: August 13th - October 10th 

Once nominated, student receives an e-mail with information on further steps. We advise coordinators to double-check students' addresses as they cannot be later on changed. 
Student complete application form as instructed. Print out 2 copies of the application form and get them signed and sealed by  home International Office. As the confirmation from sending institution is crucial for the recruitment procedure, application forms without required signatures will not be considered.

The application package should include:

  • 1 printed application form signed both by student and their home school
  • 1 official passport size photograph

Complete documents shall reach International Centre by:

30th April
– for Fall (Winter) semester and full Academic Year,
30th October – for Spring semester.

As the deadlines cannot be extended, it is extremely important that we receive your documents in due time. Incomplete applications may cause delays in processing and rejection of study right at SGH.

Letter of Acceptance will be sent to your home univeristy within 2 months of the application system deadline.
Non – EU students who apply for on-campus accommodation will also be sent an intention letter for visa purposes.

If any problems arise, please contact Incoming Students Officer at: