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 Learning Agreement (LA)

Learning Agreement is a compulsory document for all exchange and freemover students studying at SGH. 

It is a contract between a student, partner institution and SGH. It confirms student's course registration and should exactly reflect it.  All courses visible upon registration to the Virtual Dean's Office account (VDO) in the "running semester" tab should be indicated in the Learning Agreement. No more. No less. No hand written edtis on learning agreement are accepted.


Your final LA signed by the sending instution should be submitted to the International Centre (2 hard copies) within 1 month of the beginning of semester after having finalized the course registration in the Virtual Dean's Office (VDO).


 Any discrepancies in course list between VDO and learning agreement will result in rejection of the LA by the Dean's Office. 


Student Mobility within Europe and all CEMS MIM students:

Exchange students from  European universities (Erasmus+ KA 103 for e.g.) shall  hand in a learning agreement provided by their home university. Below are learning agreement templates with relevant information to be placed on the learning agreemen provided by your home-university:

Bachelor LA_Erasmus.docBachelor LA_Erasmus.doc

 Master LA_Erasmus.docMaster LA_Erasmus.doc

Students from outside Europe:

 Exchange students from non-European Universities and Freemovers may either hand in a learning agreement provided by their home institution or download and fill out one of the below documents (this does not apply to students from Erasmus+ KA 107 programme from partner universities from outside Europe, as they are provided with relevant learning agreement form by SGH International Centre.




Request to the Dean (forms)

Students shall manage to do their registration online during all registration rounds.

Once the Virtual Dean's office closes and only when a student is given permission, student can write a request to Bachelor/Master studies Deans, asking for adding or deleting a course. 


 request to the MA Dean.docrequest to the MA Dean.doc