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 FAQ - course enrolment

When does SGH publish its course catalogue for the upcoming academic year?
Each year, in mid-May, the proposed course catalogue for the entire forthcoming academic year is published. The CIPD prepares on its basis a list of suggested course offer in foreign languages and publishes it on its website. The catalogue comprises courses for both Fall and Spring semester.
Is the course catalogue published in mid-May final?
The aforementioned course catalogue contains only course offer proposal and should not be considered as final and binding. During the first stage of enrolment students, both regular and international, make their preliminary course choice. On the basis of its results, taking into consideration the prospective enrolment level as well as overall interest in each topic, Deans for Bachelor and Master Study programmes prepare the final list of courses to be opened in each semester. The publishing of the final course list, along with the current timetable, takes place in August and December for Fall and Spring semesters respectively.
How do international students enroll for courses?
International students, alike all regular SGH students, use our on-line enrolment system Wirtualny Dziekanat in order to choose courses they wish to study during their stay at Warsaw School of Economics. The on-line enrolment is the sole form of course registration at SGH and is mandatory for all international students.
How long does the on-line enrolment last?
The on-line enrolment is a long process divided into three different stages:
  • 1st stage – preliminary course choice based on the course list provided in the SGH course guidebook
    • May – June – for Fall semester
    • November – for Spring semester
  • 2nd stage – modification of initial course list on pursuant to unopened courses, time clashes and waiting-list ranks
    • August – September – for Fall semester
    • January – February – for Spring semester
  • 3rd stage – final modification in course enrolment
    • during the first week of the semester
Do I have to take part in all three stages of the on-line enrolment process?
All international students are obliged to participate in each and every one of the 3 stages as it guarantees you the choice flexibility. Each system reopening, for one of the three aforementioned stages, requires you to log in to the system and confirm your previous course choice as well as any possible changes to it.   
How can I access Wirtualny Dziekanat system?
In order to access the on-line enrolment system students use personal login and password sent electronically by the SGH Incoming Students Officer a week before the system opens for the first time.
Can I be sure that all my courses chosen in the first stage of the on-line enrolment will be definitively offered?
As the first choice is considered to be a preliminary one and serves only as a basis for preparing the final course list, it is possible that some of your chosen courses turn out to be cancelled. When the system reopens for the second time you are able to see which courses of your initial list are to be offered in the forthcoming semester and which have been cancelled.
Can I change my course list in the second stage of the on-line enrolment?
The second stage of the on-line enrolment is aimed on allowing students to modify their course choice on account of unopened courses and waiting-list rankings. If you decide to add more courses or change your initial list you will have almost 2 months to do so. Please, remember to save your modified course list each time you change it.
Do I have the possibility to change my courses once the semester starts?
The third stage of our on-line enrolment is designed especially for this purpose. It you decide, after two weeks of classes, that some courses of your prior choice do not suit your needs or something interesting has caught your attention, you will have 3 days to adjust your study programme in the system.
Is there any possibility to change courses once the on-line enrolment is finally over?
No, those 3 days in October and February are your last chance to make changes in your course list. Once the system closes your course list is concluded and you are obliged to attend all courses of your choice.
Can I choose any course from both Master and Bachelor Study Programme?
According to the new SGH’s regulations it is not allowed to combine courses from both BA and MA level in one study programme. Undergraduate students enroll for courses offered within the Bachelor Study Programme while Master students choose courses taught on graduate level.
What is the technical break and is it important for me?
Technical break, lasting only one day, is a vital part of the 2nd stage of our on-line enrolment process. In this period the system automatically erases all unsaved course declaration. Therefore, it is extremely important that you save your course choice before this date.
Does the publishing of current timetable affect my course choice?
Publishing class timetable initiates the 2nd stage of on-line course enrolment. The system verifies your course list pursuant to it – it finds all time clashes in your personal schedule.
What is a time clash (collision) and what should I do about that?
As it is not allowed to enroll for courses held parallel the system shows all possible time clashes in your personal schedule and obliges you to remove them. Before modifying your course list in the 2nd stage of enrolment all time clashes must be removed by dropping one or more courses. Should there be more groups in a course of your choice, shifting from one to another might eliminate the time clash.
Please, remember that as long as all time clashes are not removed, you will not be able to use other options in the system.
If a course comprises lecture and workshop do I have to attend both classes?
Courses, i.e. Microeconomics or Corporate Finance, consist of lecture (W) and workshop (C), which are both compulsory. Bear in mind that Wirtualny Dziekanat has been designed to eliminate all time clashes regardless if it’s only workshop or lecture. In case only your workshop is clashing with another course, you will be forced to drop the entire course.
What can I do if a course of my interest appears to be out of limit?
Most courses offered at SGH have a limited number of participants and therefore, we would advise all students to register as soon as the system opens. Nevertheless, should a course of your interest be out of limit try to wait until the technical break. Once it’s over it might turn out that other students have dropped it and there are free lots still offered.
Why some courses start in the middle of the semester?
Courses which are only 2, 5 ECTS comprise 15 contact hours and therefore, are held during 2 months instead of the entire semester. Each instructor decides if he/she prefers the first or the second half of the semester. Such courses, in spite of their shorter duration, also provoke time clashes.