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 Course enrolment

Just like regular SGH students, exchange students participate in the compulsory course enrolment using the on-line system of the Virtual Dean's office accessible for those issued an SGH student number and password.
Detailed instructions on how to use the Virtual Dean's office system together with SGH student number and password will be sent to you by mail in due time.
The entire process of course registration consists of 3 stages:
1st stage – preliminary course choice based on the course list provided in the SGH course guidebook
  • May - June – for Fall semester
  • November – for Spring semester
2nd stage – modification of the initial course choice (verification of cancelled courses, time clashes and waiting-list ranks)
  • August – September – for Fall semester 
  • January – February –    for Spring semester

3rd stage – final modifications to the study programme

  • First week after the beginning of each semester

Missing the 1st stage of course selection will restrict your access to further parts, hence it is very important to participate in it.

As an exchange student you can register for over 30 ECTS credits but no less than 21. However, we would advise against taking on a large workload, as many of the courses require extensive reading and development of well-disciplined approach to library work. Our flexible attitude towards individual study programme allows you to choose freely any course offered within your degree (undergraduate or graduate), providing that you fulfill the prerequisites specified for each course.
Foreign students with fluent Polish may also register for regular SGH courses taught in Polish.
Please note that under the new three-tier study system it is impossible to combine both Bachelor and Master courses.
SGH aims to enable all exchange students to participate in courses of their choice, however some lectures have a limited participant’s number and you might not have the possibility to attend them. We try very hard to prevent this from happening, nevertheless, we advise foreign students to draw up an acceptable supplementary course list before departing for Poland (introducing changes to your study program is only allowed within 3 days of the Virtual Dean's office reopening).

Warsaw School of Economics reserves the right to cancel or alter courses when necessary as well as to decline admitting a student for a course if his/her English proficiency proves insufficient.

All students coming within the framework of ERASMUS+ program are obliged to fill out the ERASMUS+ “Learning Agreement for studies” form. Please note, that no other learnig agreement form will be accepted by our office. The Sending Institutions (home universities) are liable to provide their outgoing students with all the documents required for Erasmus+ program.

Students coming under Bilateral Agreements and other programs (CEMS, Free-movers, Erasmus Mundus, PIM) can either use our NON-Erasmus form of learning agreement (please find below), or one provided by their Sending Institution.

NON-ERASMUS_BACHELOR_Learning Agreement_updated.doc

NON-ERASMUS_MASTER_Learning Agreement.doc

Regardelss the type of mobility program (Erasmus+ or other), the intial selection of courses presented in the Table A of the Learning Agreement must be approved and signed by the home institution prior to student's arrival at SGH.