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In Poland, as in many other countries, it is not advisable to carry large sums of money or keep it at home. Therefore, it is safe and useful to open a bank account. Bank Pekao SA has an office on the ground floor of the main building (G). In the vicinity of the school you can also find offices of such banks as PKO BP and BPH SA  (in the latter you can send and/or receive money through Western Union).
There are 3 different ATMs available on-campus:
  • at the entrance of the main building (G)
  • in the lobby of building A
  • inside the main building (G), at the Student Council Office 
Banks are ususally open Monday through Friday. If you decide to open a bank account and you do not speak Polish, we would advise you to ask a Polish colleague to accompany you. Credit cards are in common use in big cities. You can pay by card in shops, restaurants, pubs etc.

The biggest and most popular banks in Poland are:

If you lose your card in Poland, you should immediately contact POLCARD in (phone: +48 22 / 515-31-50 - 24 hours a day). If that fails however, you should contact your credit card supplier.

Money management

Polish currency is New Polish złoty (PLN or zł).
1 złoty equals 100 groszy (gr).
There are 5 notes: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 zł. There are 9 coins:: 1, 2, 10, 20 & 50 groszy, and also 1, 2, & 5 złotych.
Currency exchange: If you wish to exchange euro (or other currency) into PLN you have at your disposal exchange desks at border crossings, airports, railway stations, travel offices, hotels and special exchange counters called kantor. Traveller's check can be exchanged at every bank, but not at private exchange counters. No commission fee is usually charged at kantors. Cash machines are very common. 
The current exchange rate you can find at:
Cost of living
Depending on your life-style and habits you have different needs. Below you will find a list of sample prices of goods and services available in Poland.
  • Monthly off campus accommodation: about 1000zł/250€ (for one room)
  • Lunch in a cafeteria/restaurant: about 20 zł/5€
  • 3-month long ticket for public transport: 140zł (35€)
  • Student train tickets for travelling within Poland: from 20 PLN (5€) to 70 PLN (16€)
  • Grocery shopping for one week in a Polish supermarket: around 100-200 zł (25-50€)

    Please note, that you are allowed to bring in €10000 worth of cash into the European Union, of which Poland is a member.