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​Partner Univerity ​City ​Student Mobility ​Academic Cooperation
​Programme Links and information materials
Akita International University ​Akita ​X ​bilateral agreement AIU Fact-Sheet-AY2017.pdf
Important Changes at AIU.pdf
AIU fact sheet 2019-2020.pdfAIU fact sheet 2019-2020.pdf
Hokkaido University, Graduate School and School of Economics and Business Administration ​Sapporo ​X ​X ​bilateral agreement Fact Sheet 2016-2017.pdf

Fact Sheet 2019-2020_Hokkaido University.pdfFact Sheet 2019-2020_Hokkaido University.pdf

Josai University ​Saitama ​X ​X ​bilateral agreement
Keio University ​Tokyo ​X ​CEMS MIM KeioCEMS_FactSheet2019-2020.pdfKeioCEMS_FactSheet2019-2020.pdf
Nagasaki University ​Nagasaki  X​ ​X ​​bilateral agreement Link to Information Materials
Nagasaki U_Fact Sheet 2019.pdfNagasaki U_Fact Sheet 2019.pdf
Fact Sheet_Nagasaki U.2020.pdfFact Sheet_Nagasaki U.2020.pdf
​Nagoya University of Commerce and Business Graduate School  ​​Nagoya ​X​ ​X​ ​bilateral agreement
NUCB fact sheet 2019 (undergraduate).pdfNUCB fact sheet 2019 (undergraduate).pdfNUCB Undergraduate Global BBA Factsheet 2020 .pdfNUCB Undergraduate Global BBA Factsheet 2020 .pdf
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University ​Beppu ​X ​– bilateral agreement
– Erasmus+ KA107
Ryukoku University ​Kyoto ​X ​bilateral agreement Ryukoku University Guide for the Exchange Students
​Seinan Gakuin University ​ Fukuoka ​X​ ​bilateral agreement Fact Sheet 17/18
2020-2021_SGU Admission Procedures.pdf2020-2021_SGU Admission Procedures.pdf
Kobe University, Graduate School of Economics Kobe
​X​ ​X​​ ​bilateral agreement 2018 FACT SHEET
Kindai University
​​X​ ​X​​ ​​bilateral agreement
​Hitotsubashi University ​Tokyo X​​
​Memorandum of Understanding