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SGH has joined CEMS in 1995 as a candidate member and became a full member following the decision of the CEMS General Assembly during the Annual Event in Vienna in 1998. Like all other members, SGH has its local CEMS Governance with CEMS Office at SGH managed by programme directors and managers. These key persons are listed here.
Its strong position among CEMS member schools was confirmed by a prestigious award of CEMS School of the Year in the 2016/2017 Academic Year, along with the individual award for the Best Course in Global Management Practice for Prof. Jacek Miroński.
The role of CEMS Office is to design, prepare, execute, and monitor local MIM programme based on the guidelines and requirements of the CEMS strategic, executive and management bodies coordinated by the CEMS Head Office.
In this section, you will:
  • learn on SGH & MIM Academic Calendar
  • take a look at our Campus Map to identify places where you should go for classes (see the schedule)
  • get acquainted with CEMS and SGH grading table
  • get some information on potential scholarship opportunities for SGH and incoming students spending their term abroad.

CURRENT: 2021/2022

TERM 1 (Fall/Winter Semester)​ ​classes in person ​TERM 2 (Spring/Summer Semester) ​classes in person - tbc
01.10.2021 ​ ​Term 1 classes begin* ​21.02.2022 ​Term 2 classes begin***
13.10.2021 at 11:40 CEST Inauguration ceremony ​14-20.04.2022 ​Easter holidays
30.09-01.11.2021 ​All Saints and Souls Holidays tba ​SGH Day
​11.11.2021 ​National Independence Holiday ​30.04-03.05.2022 ​Spring break (Labour & Constitution Day)
17.12.2021 ​CEMS Term 1 classes end** 05.06.2022 ​ Pentecost (holiday)
​23.12.2021 - 02.01.2022 Christmas and New Year Break 15.06.2022 ​Corpus Christi (holiday)
​06.01.2022 ​Epiphany (holiday) ​12.06.2022
​Term 2 classes end****
​​21.01.2022 ​Term 1 classes end ​​13-26.06.2022 ​Exam period I
24.01–06.02.2022 ​Exam period I ​27.06-18.09.2022 Summer Holidays
​07-11.02.2022 ​Winter break 19-25.09.2022 ​Exam period II (resit)
​14-18.02.2022 ​​​Exam period II

*) CEMS Classes are preceded by Block Seminar (online) and/or Orientation Week for incoming students so you should arrive at SGH before 24 September 2021. 

**) CEMS MIM classes and exams in Term 1 end before Christmas break. Students are expected NOT TO LEAVE before 17 December 2021

***) CEMS Classes are preceded by Global Citizenship Seminar and/or Orientation Week for incoming students so you should arrive at SGH before 16 February 2022. 

****) CEMS MIM students in Term 2 are expected NOT TO LEAVE before 10 June 2022.

COMING: 2022/2023 (tentative - to be confirmed)

​ ​TERM 1 (Fall/Winter Semester)​ ​ ​TERM 2 (Spring/Summer Semester)
03.10.2022 ​​Term 1 classes begin* 20.02.2023 ​​Term 2 classes begin***
​​to be announced  ​Inauguration ceremony 06-11.04.2023 ​Easter holidays
31.10-01.11.2022 ​​All Saints and Souls Holidays tba ​SGH Day
11.11.2022 ​​National Independence Holiday 01-03.05.2023 ​​Spring break (Labour & Constitution Day)
16.12.2022 ​CEMS Term 1 classes end** 27-28.05.2023 ​Pentecost (holiday)
23.12.2022-02.01.2023 ​Christmas and New Year Break 08.06.2023
​Corpus Christi​ (holiday)
06.01.2023 ​Epiphany (holiday) 07.06.2023
​​Term 2 classes end****
22.01.2023 ​Term 1 classes end 12-28.06.2023
​Exam period I
23.01-05.02.2023 Exam period I 29.06-17.09.2023 Summer Holidays
06-10.02.2023 ​​​​​​Winter break ​18-24.09.2023  ​ ​​Exam period II (resit)​
13-19.02.2023 ​Exam period II (resit)

*) CEMS Classes are preceded by Block Seminar and/or Orientation Week for incoming students so you should arrive at SGH before 14 September 2022.  

**) CEMS MIM classes and exams in Term 1 end before Christmas break and students are expected NOT TO LEAVE before 17 December 2022.

***) CEMS Classes are preceded by RGL Seminar and/or Orientation Week for incoming students so you should arrive at SGH before 12 February 2023. 

****) CEMS MIM students of Term 2 are expected NOT TO LEAVE SGH before 7 June 2023.





Campus buildings:

A - Building "A" (CPM & CEMS Office site) - ul. Rakowiecka 24 
B - SGH Library (Building „B”) - ul. Rakowiecka 22 B
C - Building "C" - al. Niepodległości 128 
G - Building "G" (main building) - al. Niepodległości 162
M - Building "M" - ul. Madalińskiego 6/8 - Faculty building
S - Building "S" - ul. Batorego 8 (under construction)
W  Building "W" - ul. Wiśniowa 41 
1 - Student dormitory No. 1 "Sabinki" - al. Niepodległości 147
2.. "Park" students' club - al. Niepodległości 196
3. Student dormitory No. 3 "Grosik" - ul. Madalińskiego 31/33
Public transport:

A – Bus stop
M – Metro station “Pole Mokotowskie” entrances
T – Tram stop


CEMS is using the ECTS Grading Scale when assessing CEMS courses that are translated from local grading systems of all member schools. At SGH, the grades' conversion into ECTS Grading Scale (used in CEMS) and grading table (recommended and used when transferring grades between partner schools) is performed on the basis of the presented below table:


Official ECTS Grading Table ​

​Former ECTS Grading Scale (used for translation of SGH into CEMS grades)

​SGH grade ​Grading
​ECTS grade ​Definition
​5.0 ​23.5% ​23.5% ​A ​Very Good – outstanding performance with only minor errors
​4.5 16.2%​ ​39.7% ​B ​Good Plus – above average standard, but with some errors
​4.0 ​23.2% 62.9%​ ​C ​Good – generally sound work with a notable number of errors
​3.5 16.3%​ ​79.2% ​D ​Sufficient Plus – fair, but with significant shortcomings
​3.0 20.8%​ ​100.0% ​E ​Sufficient – performance meets the minimum criteria
​2.0 -​ ​- ​F ​Fail – considerable further work is required

*) Based on the total number of grades awarded in two-cycle Bachelor and Master studies in the years 2006-2010, verified in May 2014 (based on the distribution of grades in the years 2012-2013, due to change of the grading scale). 




Most of CEMS students who will study a term abroad in the EU countries may be eligible for Erasmus+ Scholarships. In order to get a scholarship, you have to fill in several documents. A detailed list of documents, schedules, and requirements necessary to obtain Erasmus+ scholarship is available at the Erasmus website at SGH.
On top of that, there are separate funds offered by our partner institutions to encourage students to go or stay aborad. In case of availability of such scholarhsips you will be informed by the CEMS Office at SGH.