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​All SGH students are nominated to assigned school (for term abroad or two terms in case of tri-national track) by CEMS Programme Manager at SGH.
Nomination is conducted in three ways:
1. Nomination by sending email to partner school with your basic data
This system requires, that CEMS Progamme Manager at SGH sends an email to host university with your basic data in order to register you in the local school system. Following that the school is sending you an invitation with further step to do in order to apply for courses, dorms etc. Currently such form of registration is conducted by: UzK and Bocconi. Nominations are conducted usually in April (Term 1) and October/Novembers (Term 2)
2. Nomination by entering your term abroad in the CEMS database
In this case, the host school is uploading data from CEMS database and contacts you in order to complete and send required documents. In some cases (like KEIO) nomination is done the same time (usually in April) for both Term 1 and Term 2. In other cases it is April/May (term 1) October/November (Term 2). If you have no message from these type of schools, please contact their local Programme Manager!
3. Nomination on-line into local universtiy enrolment system
This system requires, that CEMS Programme Manager has to login into host university system and to nominate you. Following that procedure you will recieve either from the host university or via CEMS Programme Manager at SGH all required documents or login into the system. Currently the following schools require such process of nomination: GSOM, UEP, CUB, KOC, HSG (St. Gallen), WUW, ESADE, HEC, NHH, LSE, IVEY. Few others will send you a link to their  registration system. Nominations are usually conducted in April for Term 1 and October/November for Term 2
If you do not get any confirmation from your host school in due time, please contact your host and local Programme Managers.