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All CEMS students selected at partner schools must be first nominated on-line by their local programme managers. The process is not complicated but of the utmost importance to all incoming students. Without nomination, they are not able to get enrolled at SGH, to select courses, and to apply for dormitory! That is why, all programme managers are kindly requested to nominate their students as soon as they select them (provided our on-line system is already opened).
To Nominate or Register please use this link
The deadline for Term 1 and full academic year is April 19 but we would appreciate very much to conduct nominations by the end of March, since it is also a deadline for students to register into our system.
The deadline for Term 2is October 19 but please try to nominate your students by the end of September. Information on system availability is sent by email by our SGH Incoming Students Officer .
Updated information on registration process is available HERE

In order to nominate your students, you need a separate password that most of you should already have. If you don't - please contact SGH Incoming Students Officer to get it! When registering a student, please do not forget to indicate that he or she is CEMS programme student by selecting CEMS in the "Study Programme" box. If the student gets Erasmus scholarship, please indicate it in the box "Source of Finance" only!

All nominated students will receive and individual login and password into our registration system, and will have to fill on-line application form, that (after completing it) has to be printed in two copies, signed by a student and local co-ordinator and hen sent to our Incoming Students Officer along with 3 passport size photos. The documents should reach SGH within 10 days after application deadline.

Along with registration form, students may also apply for a place in the dormitory. We do our best to provide all CEMS MIM students with a place in the dorm (if they prefer such type of accommodation), but only for those who properly register at SGH.

Once students are registered and enrolled, they will get an access to our Virtual Dean's Office (VDO) in order to register for courses.  It is crucial that all CEMS students register for CEMS courses during the first round of selections. The reason is, that after the first selection we have possibility to ensure that all CEMS students are registered for their courses and that the size of the class does not exceed predetermined maximum number of students.