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Validation of term abroad at SGH for incoming students is based on their performance and must meet the minima stipulated by CEMS, which basically are:
  • One mandatory Core course per term  
  • max. 7.5 ECTS can be replaced by Research Project
  • you may take one Open Elective (course outside the MIM Programme if allowed at host school and if required to your local degree programme) up to 7.5 ECTS
  • Minimum 24 ECTS, and maximum 37.5 ECTS in total to be passed per term, including Core, Electives and Business Project (Term 2 only).
  • max. 15 ECTS in Electives can be taken after and before CEMS MIM term (subject to approval by local academic director or programme manager).

After application of all flexibility rules, a student must successfully pass a minimum of 24 ECTS per term, and will be able to credit maximum 37.5 ECTS per term. This includes courses, the Block Seminar, Global Responsible Leadership Seminar, skill seminars and the Business Project.  Credits taken prior to or after the MIM year do not affect this requirement.

More details on CEMS requirements you can find at CEMS Student Guide.
In order to assist you in calculating your MIM Term / Year workload, our colleagues in Cologne have developed a simple tool in Excel (modified by us) to calculate your planned/completed programme components. It calculates wheter you reached the minimum or maximum of workload for the term and whether you have completed all required programme components in coursework. If, after applying that tool, you still have doubts, please contact your local programme manager.
SGH requires from their students to earn 30 ECTS credits per term (or minimum 24 ECTS, provided you have a surplus of SGH credits equal to the difference between 30 ECTS and the number of ECTS actually taken abroad), so on top of CEMS MIM they might be required to take a couple of other courses as well. After each semester validations of term abroad are issued and sent to the programme manager.
CEMS Office at SGH does not have access to your exam protocols. That is why all CEMS students, who have spent their term at SGH are kindly requested to send a Print Screen of your Virtual Dean's Office page with a list of courses taken and grades obtained to CEMS Programme Manager at SGH!
SGH STUDENT ABROAD  (outside country of Bachelor's studies and home university)
In order to validate a semester abroad, SGH student must earn abroad minimum 30 ECTS and not less than 25 ECTS if they have a surplus of credits at SGH from previous semesters. All students who are qualified to study a term abroad must fulfil local requirements and submit necessary documents including Learning Agreement and a special Term Abroad Request Form (Skierowanie na wyjazd za granicę).
Upon permission of CEMS Programme Manager at SGH or Academic Director, students may spend both terms abroad (trinational track) provided one of these terms takes place in Europe.
SGH Grading system and its conversion into ECTS grading scale/table, you will find here.