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​International Internship is an integral part of MIM studies but, unlike other programme components, is not  organised by member schools (even if in most cases university units, like career placement centres may assist you or propose such internships).
This section was designed to provide you with the following information: 
  • Internship validation to learn about basic rules and regulations concerning internship abroad,
  • Link to CEMS Internship Guide on career services at CEMS schools,
  • Get some tips on internship contracting,
  • Learn about useful certificates issued by local CEMS office to assist you in gaining an internship,
  • Download CEMS Internship Evaluation Form, and
  • Learn how to get your internship additionally financed from LLP Erasmus Programme.

There is also an Internship noticeboard: links to websites and offers received by CEMS Office from companies, CEMS alumni and career placement offices. On top of all of these, you may also visit SGH Career Service Centre website, that lists all internship offers (both local and abroad) placed by numerous companies, and addressed to SGH students.

 If you have further questions concerning the CEMS offer, please contact our CEMS Corporate Relations Manager at SGH or visit SGH Alumni Office and its Career Section located in the Main Buiding (G) in rooms: 132-135.


International Internship may take place anytime before, during and just after MIM year. This is interpreted in a way that internship must be taken NOT EARLIER THAN AFTER COMPLETING ALL REQUIRED COURSES DURING BACHELOR"S STUDIES. As a rule, it cannot take place during the semester of classes. The internship can take place at CEMS Corporate Partner (preferably) but it may take elsewhere in the World. Since the internship is not actually offered within CEMS MIM programme, it is a student responsibility to find it. Of course, students may get assistance in finding such internship via local Career Placement Offices or by collecting and placing internship offers locally.

The internship (or employment) must cover a consecutive period of at least: 
  • 10 weeks in the same company for students of 2016/2017 or earlier class, or
  • 8 weeks in the same company for students of 2017/2018 or later class

It has to take place abroad (outside student’s citizenship or outside country of student’s home university or outside country of his/her secondary/bachelor's education). It has to be at graduate level and should be approved by home institution before start.

Starting from 2013/2014 a.y. International Internship is now called as Term 3, which means some possibility to extend the students status (if the local rules at CEMS school allow) for a period of an internship. One of these terms might be done at home school, which means that Tri-national track students may tak an internship at home school country (or country of citizenship) provided it is an international company.

Another flexibility allowed by CEMS is that your internship abroad may be validated even if you are employed by local company, but you will be conducting several at least one-week (optimally two-week) projects abroad (in the same or different locations and for different companies - if these are e.g. consulting projects) that would make a total of 10 or 8 weeks (depending on your class year). Be aware, however, that all these projects must be done within the employment/internship with one, particular company.  Different projects within employment with two or more companies will not be validated.


In order to learn on career placement services and support in finding internship at all CEMS member schools, please take a look at CEMS Internship Webpage.

To assist you in that process CEMS HO and Corporate Relations Managers have prepared CEMS Internship Guide that is updated annually. The current brochure is available at above mentioned webpage and in the CEMS Media corner with all CEMS brochures.



All students who find an internship should:


Register the internship before its begins via student private zone at (Student Zone left tab and then "International Intership" menu) and then clicking "add an internship" and fill in all fields of the form including the name and email adress of the internship/job supervisor who later will be notified to evaluate the student online, once the internship is completed.


CEMS Programme Manager will check the infomration provided by you and confirm whether the internship meets CEMS requirements. The student may check the status of his/her internship in the private zone: 
  • "Pending" means that the internship form have been sent to PM a awaits PM confirmation.

  • "Confirmed" means that the internship has been approved by PM and awaits evaluation by internship supervisor. The supervisor will be notified one week prior the end of internship (for internships lasting less than 12 weeks) or one month (for longer internships). The system will also generate reminders. PM may also send the request manually.

  • "Validated" - Evaluation has been submitted by internship supervisor by filling it online or by uploading the official company evaluation form (if company, for any reason, does not want to use the CEMS format).
After evaluation, the student may see part of the evaluation (except questions 20 to 22) or full company evaulation if uploaded separately. Receiving the evaluation finishes the process.

Detailed information and guides on how to fill internship evaluation online are available at student's private zone.The student's Guide n how to register your intenship is available here​.

INTERNSHIP CONTRACT (optional document you may ask for once the internship form on-line receives "confirmed" status)

Once the internship is approved, the student may sign an internship contract directly with company or also with home university (represented by CEMS Programme Manager at SGH). Internship contract, however, is not required for validation. The sample contract text (that can by modified) one may download from here


In some countries (like Germany) interns might be released from some taxes, provided they submit a certificate of enrollment along with a statement, that internship abroad is obligatory part of their study programme.

To assist you in that process, all interested students should contact CEMS Programme Manager at SGH and ask for such document, providing the coordinator with the following data:
  • Surname and Name
  • Date and Place of Birth
  • Student ID No.
  • Enrollment Date
  • Year of studies
  • Major(s) studied
  • Expected Graduation Year
  • If required they may give a company name and period of internship.


PAPER-BASED INTERNSHIP EVALUATION FORM (to be used exclusively when online evaluation cannot be conducted - e.g. in case of interships already completed, and the online process is not posible)

In case you have already completed the internship or have the company evaulation form that meets CEMS requirements, you may send it directly to CEMS Programme Manager for evaluation and validation. It may be also submitted on CEMS Internship Evaluation Form signed by interns supervisor and containing all relevant information. The evaluation must be submitted in original, which is kept in files along with diploma certificate at the end of MIM studies.

IAll paper-based Internship evaluation forms MUST BE SIGNED and STAMPED!!! If a company has no stamp, the company must send a confirmation email to verify its authenticity or the form must be accompanied by a business card.

IMPORTANT: If you have completed the intership, but there is still a possibility to conduct it online, we prefer to proceed with internship evaluation electronically. In case of any doubts or additional questions, please contact Programme Manager.


We would like to inform you that all students who are going to take an internship abroad that lasts at least 3 months may apply for Erasmus scholarship. All interested students (form Erasmus participating countries) should contact Erasmus Programme Officer or Incoming Students' Officer at International Centre for further information.