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This event is a form of CEMS Block Seminar to integrate local and incoming students at the beginning of Term 2. It consists of

  • 2-day CEMS Block Skill Seminar on „Global Citizenship" that is worth 1 ECTS
  • Student Event, that could be a conference with the extensive social programme or just student party to be announced in February (depending on the pandemic situation)

Participation in the Event (Skill Seminar) is mandatory to all Term 2 population of students at SGH.
In case of remote location (outside SGH) participation in the GCS may require a fee up to 100 €.
In the case of SGH location, the fee may be ca. 50 €. In the case of online classes, there will be no fee.

TERM 2 - 2021/2022

The GCS seminar will be held in the dates: 18-20 February 2022
It is planned to be conducted in the physical mode. Otherwise, it will be conducted online.

Location: remote in the hotel (suburbs of Warsaw)
Class hours: 18.02 in the afternoon - 20.02 by lunch

Fee: 100 € to partially cover the accoomodation and food.
No fee, if the seminar is offered online.

Seminar outline will be available HERE (in late January)
The Registration Form will be sent out only if classes are organised in physical mode.

Since the Global Citizenship Seminar is MANDATORY, please do not plan any other activities/commitments for these three days.