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This year graduation will be held in Vienna, hosted by WU - Vienna University of Ecoomics and Business. The exact date of Graduation Ceremony is Saturday, 30 November 2019. Please plan ahead your days off and fligths in order to be there!

All students who complete their MIM year and fulfill all or most programme components (so they expect to graduate from CEMS MIM in the given year) must inform their local programme manager in advance in July. Those who have still some components to complete (like language test, final exam-thesis, internship abroad) should also do so. The process of collecting data on potential graduants is divided into two stages: Early Graduants and Regular Graduants.


Early Graduants are CEMS students who have already completed the programme, or will complete it by mid-May 2018. Such students are obliged to contact PM with their declaration of graduation by 27 May 2019. Based on that declaration, completed documents and prepared draft certificates, CEMS HO will conduct certificate checking. Based on successful verirfication, students will get a status of CEMS Graduants and will be able to register for CEMS Graduation Ceremony


Regular Graduants are CEMS students who have completed the programme, or plan complete it by 9 November 2019 the latest. Such students are obliged to:

1) Submit their initial willingnes to graduate this year by 27 May 2019 
2) Confirm their willingness to graduate this year by 9 September 2019
3) Complete all programme components and submit required documents by 9 November 2019
Based on information placed in CEMS data base, the manager prepares a draft certificate that is sent to CEMS Head Office for verification. PM must submit all draft certificates by 27 September 2019

In case you are just expecting thesis defence, or you are in progress of internship or just took language tests and await results, please do the same except the fact that you will submit documents (statement on your successful defense or internship evaluation form in original, on-line language tests results) immediately after completing the given component. If everything is fine, I will notify you that you can graduate. Others will have to cancel their registration for Graduation Ceremony and Dinner.
In order to graduate in 2019, all programme components, should be completed by the end of October with the exception of SGH graduation date that should be no later than  9 November 2019. Another exception is an internship that must begin no later than on 16 September 2019 (in case of 8-week internship requirement) or 2 September 2019 (for those who has to take at least 10-week long internship)  and a finishing date (as stated on the evaluation form), cannot be later than 9 November 2019. In case of internship, evaluation form must be submitted on the final date in a form of scan followed by the original to be mailed to PM immediately after this date.
If everything is fine (the final exam is passed, language test results are positive, the internship evaluation reaches our office), student may confirm his/her participation in the Annual Events.


Deadline for registration of graduants to Annual Events is 10 November 2019 (end of the day) !!! . NO LATE REGISTRATIONS ACCEPTED!!!
Certificates are issued just before graduation, but the originals are sent to the Programme Managers usually just before Christmas. Once they reach the office, all graduates may contact local programme manager and visit his/her office to pick up the original diploma and the certificate. We are alos officially handing them in during the CEMS Graduation Ceremony at SGH accompanied by the Farewell Meeting for Term 1 students usually between 18-20 December. The exact date will be announced before the begining of
Term 1.
Registration for Annual Events is conducted via CEMS Website and usually starts in May or June.

You have to graduate within 18 months after graduating from SGH. In order to extend it, you have to contact CEMS Programme Manager and submit a request with justification (postponed graduation at home school, internship on the way, force majeure, etc.). FOr example, a studnet who has graduated from SGH in June 2018, should graduate form CEMS in 2019. Those who graduated eariler must apply for the extension.
However, you can't prolong it for ages. Actually, you have to graduate from SGH within 5 years after completing your CEMS MIM year with possibility to extend this period in justified cases following the student's request to the CEMS Graduation Committee. For example, all students of class 2013/2014, who will not graduate in 2019 will be DELETED from the programme!