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​From 2009, Career Forum is no longer a part of Annual Events but it is a separate event that was organised until 2013 exclusively in Budapest at Corvinus Unviersity. However, in 2014 the Career Forum (again as separate event) was hosted in the years 2014-2016 by Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU). In the years 2017-2019  it was organisedagain in Budapest, in 2020-21 it was organised online due to pandemic and in 2022 will be hosted by ESADE, Barcelona/St. Cugat.
CF 2022
CF in 2022 will be hosted by ESADE, Barcelona/St. Cugat in the dates 4-5 November 2022.
Current activity: Update your CV on your peronal profile at 

CF 2022 flyer 

 CF in Budapest

CF is a unique opportunity to meet company representatives and to seek for internship or future job.
All practical information, registrations etc. you can find at your private zone CF Private Zone dedicated webpage that you should visit once the letter of invitation from CEMS HO is emailed to you. But first of all YOU HAVE TO UPDATE YOUR CV on your CEMS personal profile.
General information on current CF Event (including Student Information Brochure) you will find also on CEMS CF Website
These interviews are offered by companies to all CEMS students  and to graduates, who did not obtain their local degree yet or did so within last 4 years.
In order to apply for pre-scheduled interviews, all students must fill in on-line application form and submit their CV, Letter of Motivation and transcript of records (scanned copies) to six, selected by them companies. Based on that, companies may or may not invite a candidate for interview. Remember about correct format of your documents (docx files are not accepted). You may be invited for not more than 5 interviews.
Remeber, that once you are selected for pre-scheduled interviews, you must conifrm them! 


  CF in Budapest​

Those who did not apply for pre-scheduled interviews, or did not get any invitation, may still seek for career opportunities by contacting selected companies representatives and seeking for interviews.
Students who were offered at least one pre-scheduled interview may be granted a special subsidy, especially to students travelling from non-European countries. The exact amount and the rules will be published soon. The subsidy is paid on arrival to Career Forum is availalbe exclusively to CEMS students who (in addition) do not graduate from CEMS MIM in the current year, are not currently studying in Vienna (as home or term abroad university), and have never been granted such subsidy.



CF is also the opportunity to participate in numerous, half-day skill seminars organised by selected companies. Registration to them is based on "first-come, first-served"  principle. You may opt for max. 3 skills.

Confirmation of participation in the skill(s) has to be done the same time as confirmation for pre-scheduled interviews.

 CF Skill seminars and company presentation (CF in Budapest)


CEMS is organising special sessions with external career consultants, who will share with you some tips on how to seek, apply and get job.

If you wish to learn more on some CEMS partner corporations to consider them as future employers, please come for company presentations to be held during job fair.


CF is not only about your career, but also a fun. That is why, please consider registering for studnets dinner and party to be held at night just after the CF.


All registrations and confirmations are done via your personal profile at All information concerning CF will be distributed directly to your by CEMS Head Office to your email account and are avalable on CF webpage. Links are provided on top of this webpage.