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​SGH offers a variety of internationally oriented and interactive courses in the fields of: finance, logistics, organisational behaviour, strategy& competitiveness, marketing, media and European and regional studies. It also contains course co-developed with companies and with top business schools.
All of our courses are highly evaluated by CEMS students. As a result, during the Annaula Events in Sydney in 2017, SGH was awarded twice for:
  • The Best "Responsible Global Leadership" Course
  • CEMS School of the Year - the best overall evaluation for courses, students services and networking opportunities.
Every academic year the portfolio is subject to some changes, so please wait with your final decision concerning semester abroad (if possible) until the full list is posted. Since 2009/2010 academic year courses are offered once a year, which means that all courses are offered either in Term 1 or Term 2.
Since 2013/2014 academic year, Term 1 (Fall Semester) CEMS courses at SGH finish before Christmas Break (including exam session), so there is no overlap with terms with the schools starting their Term 2 in January!
Course portfolio, system of registration for courses, current course schedules and course materials on-line are available in the subpages.


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