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Students spend one semester abroad – either during Term 1 or Term 2. In order to avoid conflicting term dates in the January/February period, Term 1 ends on January 31st at the latest, while Term 2 does not begin before February 1st. To “pass” a term abroad, students may have to fulfil minimum requirements set by the home and/or receiving institution in addition to the CEMS MIM Programme requirements. At SGH, all CEMS courses in Term 1 are completed before Christmas break and Term 2 courses begin in mid or late February.
For exact term dates and minimum requirements, please visit  CEMS Website or contact local programme manager.
In selected cases and with the permission of both sending and receiving institution only, students may also spend both terms abroad (but in two different CEMS schools). By doing so, students can qualify for the “multi-country track” (Tri-national Track). Such students are released from the proficiency in the third langauge requirement and may pursue International Internship in the home country, provided, the company is international in character.