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​Block Seminars gather professors and students from various CEMS institutions for a week. Subjects derive from different cultural and academic perspectives; most topics are not a part of the universities’ standard curricula. BLock Semianrs are exclusive to CEMS students and are organised at the begining of each term with a purpose to provide intensive courses and to integrate the cohort of students.

Depending on when Term 1 begins at different CEMS institutions, Block Seminars can take place between August and early October. As the Block Seminar is a mandatory element of the programme, please make sure you are able to attned it. Failure to do so, without IMPORTANT REASON will result in expulsion from CEMS MIM Programme.  If due to illness or other force majeure reason, you cannot attned BS, you may ask for permission to take other BS organised later same year (unless it collides with your regular CEMS classess), or you may be allowed to take it next year with the next class as a matter of exception. The Block Seminar accounts for 3 ECTS credits.
As long as places are available and with the permission of the school hosting the student during Term 1, students will be encouraged to choose their preferred Block Seminar across the entire CEMS landscape. The request for transfer is made on-line at student's personal profile at and the registration is usually open at the beginning of May. The transfer is possibile only if there are free place available. If none of the student requests can by satisfied, the student will have to take the BS at the Fall Term hosting school.
It is also possible to attend two block seminars under some conditions: 
  1. Registration to a second seminar is possible when the registration is finished and all the students have their places for the seminars; Students requesting a second seminar could choose from the courses where there are free places left.
  2. None of the two seminars should overlap with the semester of the first term school.
Students may receive extra 3 credits for the second seminar - based on agreement of the home Academic Director.

Each CEMS university is responsible for providing its own and incoming CEMS students with Block Seminars. At SGH these are usually organised in mid- or late-September.
Please note: Because of the considerable organisational and financial burden of a Block Seminar, most universities will request a financial contribution (between 100 and 300 EUR) from the students.
Information about Block Seminar organised at SGH is placed every April here.

CEMS Block Seminar in Term 2 (formerly known as Launching Event or Bonding Event and later Responsible Global Leadership Seminar) is organised at the beginning of Term 2 and its task is to integrate CEMS students who start their CEMS classes, while provide them with a knowledge on one of the CEMS educational pillars: CSR. It is organised in a format of a 2-day Block Seminar, that is MANDATORY component of CEMS MIM Programme and is worth additional 1 ECTS. It is usually accompanied by some extracurricular activities organised by the local CEMS Club.

Participation cost in GC seminar is usually free of charge, but in some cases of remote-location organised events (or meals served) there is a fee applied. The maximum fee allowed by CEMS is 100 € per participant.
Information about CEMS Launching Event/GC Block Seminar organised at SGH is placed every January/February here.