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All CEMS students and alumni would agree that one of the most distinctive features of CEMS is the exceptional network and community feeling, that they define themselves as “the CEMS spirit”. This spirit is a mix of curiosity, passion for international experiences, awareness and tolerance for cross-cultural differences. It is built on the pride to be part of the most advanced international learning experience in European higher business education.
CEMS students are involved in a very active student life at each school, organised by the “CEMS Clubs” on each campus. They make sure that the programme is also a human and cultural learning experience for the students. CEMS Clubs have been set up across Europe and share a number of aims. See what the CEMS clubs are up to.
CEMS Club Warsaw belongs to the most active organization both at SGH and within CEMS Student Board. It is also in the group of the CEMS Student Board founders. It was voted CEMS CLUB OF THE YEAR AWARD in 2010.
For more details on how to get involved in their activities, please visit their website.

The current Board of CCW can be found HERE
If you wish to meet CEMS Club Warsaw members personally, please visit their office:
Room 61C, Building G, ground floor, in the corridor located right of the Information Desk.
CEMS Club Warsaw
Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)
al. Niepodleglosci 162
Room 61 C3, Building G
02-554 Warsaw, Poland
tel.: +48 22 564 9658
Send an EMAIL or visit the WEB