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​Here is the official noticeboard for the CEMS MIM Selection Committee, Due to GDPR (RODO) rules we are not presenting them in public. They are sent directly to all candidates to their SGH email account. Completed elements of the selection process are in bold.

(updated: 10 March 2022). 

The current stage of the application process is marked in red. The current & completed stages are in blue.
All announcements and results are communicated directly to candidates by email (SGH account)

CURRENT STATUS: Selection Completed

APPLICATION ONLINE (19 October - 22 November 2021)

  • ​In progress
  • Application closed

FIRST STAGE: Application review (17-26 November 2021)

  • The initial results of the 1st Stage
  • The protocol of the Appellation Committee (Jury) after the 1st Stage
  • The final results of the 1st Stage

SECOND STAGE: Interview & Assessment (22-26 November 2021 for the Assessment; 29 November-10 December 2021 for the Interview)

  • The assessment
  • The interview

THE RESULTS & CONFIRMATION (13 December 2021 - 11 January 2022)

  • The initial results of the CEMS Selection at SGH
  • Confirmation form (initial)
  • The protocol of the Appellation Committee (Jury) after the 2nd Stage - No appeals submitted.
  • The Final Results of the CEMS MIM Selection at SGH with assignments
  • Final Confirmation Form after allocating released spots
  • Final Results of the selection process - awaits Rector's approval
  • The Final List of CEMS Class 2021/2022 at SGH with terms assigned