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​Here you can find detailed rules and regulations and appendices on required language tests, obligatory application documents, and other relevant information that should assist you in process of application.
Please note, that there might be some changes to the wording of the rules, resulting from changes in the CEMS regulations, or discovered mistakes and unclear statements that may create confusion or misinterpretation of the rules. That is why, please visit this webpage regularly and read the rules and regulations along with all appendices when the on-line application is open.
2021 SELECTION (for 2021/2022 A.Y.)

The Rules might be subject for some changes and willl be published this Spring. At the moment: 
  • Please take a look at the tentative selection process schedule (Appendix 4)​
  • Please take a look at updated Appendix 1 on language requirements.
  • Please take a look at tentative list of slots (Appendix 3) availalble for SGH students duirng the coming selection process
  • Make sure you have required English proficiency certificate at required level
  • Make your chances higher with certificate of proficiency in the second foreign language
  • If you are non-SGH graduate of BA studies, please collect confirmations of your student activity at your university in order to present it to SGH Student Union, in order to get selection points for student activity!

2020 SELECTION (for 2020/2021 A.Y.) 

ATTENTION: New, higher threshold for GPA/Entry test is now: 3.80 for GPA and 62 for Entry Test!
NEW CHANGE: STudents of all MA studies at SGH may now apply for CEMS MIM.

SGH graduates of BA studies: take that into account when deciding, whether to apply for admission on the basis of your GPA from your bachelor's studies or consider taking Entry Test instead.


Please note that all students who are not graduates of SGH, must submit all required documents to the Student Union (Student Projects' Evaluation Commission) in order to get selection points! Details and links to the evaluation schedule one can find at
SGH Student Union Webpage

Generally, the assessment of student activity is conducted in the months of April-May and October-November). Students who completed studies outside SGH may submit their request for granting student activity points by submitting a Request Form to the Student Projects' Evaluation Team or directly to the Head of the Evaluation​ Team.

Here is the current Schedule​ of Student Activity Evaluation Process.

Here you can find:

  • All language certificates must be submitted on-line during the application period, however, for test taken in mid-October 2019, the deadline for submission is extended by 12 November 2019! 
  • We regret to announce, that CNJO mid-term exam organised in December 2019 will only count for selection to exchange programmes. Available results  of CNJO competence tests taken in 2017 or later (or mid-term exam taken in 2017 or 2018) will be still accepted for confirmation of proficiency in the second foreign language (other than English).
  • The minimum GPA for CEMS MIM candidates has been raised again, this time from 3.60 to 3.80 and minimum score for Test of Konwledge on Economy and Foreign Languages from 56.25% to 62 %.
  • Scoring table has been changed: Interview and Assessment are now worth 15 selection points each.
  • From 2020 Selection, students of all SGH majors (full-time) may apply for CEMS.
  • There were several other minor changes to the rules, so please read the document carefully!




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