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Lifelong email
Once you are transferred into CEMS Database, you will receive your lifelong CEMS forwarding email address that is linked to your personal email that you indicated in your application form. Anytime you change your email address, please do not forget to visit your profile and make changes.
Your profile (CV, Photo & Curriculum)
With your CEMS login, you may and have to visit your profile, update your personal information and upload your photo. This is a profile via which you may network with students, companies may contact you and study your CV, register for language tests, Career Forum, Annual Events and many others. Please make sure you visit your profile regularly and update it both as a student and later also as an Alumnus. It allows me and other members of the community to contact you. All CEMS messages and announcements are also sent via this email address, so it is in your own interest to keep it updated!
The profile also allows you to check your CEMS MIM study progress!!!

During the meeting, you will be asked to introduce yourself based on a one-slide self-presentation prepared by you in advance in a pre-determined format. Together with CEMS Club Warsaw, we plan to organise an integration evening, so you can start to feel the CEMS spirit! It will be the opportunity to briefly remind you of the coming events, mandatory participation in the information session of CWM on mobility procedures.

The venue of the meeting for the 2022/2023 Class is:
Date:    March 2022 (the exact date TBA)
Time:    TBA
Venue:  TBA

The meeting is mandatory so only serious excuses are accepted. Guidelines for self-presentation slide will be sent to all involved by email. The deadline for submission of the presentation is tba.
Important: Information session for all students who participate in mobility in 2022/2023 a.y. is organised by CWM on tba.

All newly admitted CEMS MIM students are kindly invited to join our Orientation and Information Meeting. The meeting is organised to introduce you to CEMS, to acquaint you with further procedures and rules referring to MIM studies and procedures concerning your term abroad and scholarships. 
The venue of the meeting for the 2022/2023 Class is:
Date:    April/May 2022 (the exact date TBA)
Time:    TBA
Venue:  TBA

All newly admitted students of CEMS MIM Programme are invited to participate in a CEMS Welcome Meeting, during which the CEMS representatives at SGH, led by SGH Vice-Rector for International Relations - Prof. Jacek Prokop - will congratulate you on your successful admission to CEMS MIM and hand you in special admission certificates that will confirm your MIM student status. It will be also the opportunity to meet your colleagues from the current cohort, as well as with CEMS Alumni and corporate partners' representatives, who will introduce you to the real CEMS life and experience! It will be organised together with Farewell Meeting for Term 2 studnets of the current cohort.
The date for the 2022/2023 class:
Date:    June 2022 (the exact date TBA)
Time:    TBA
Venue:  TBA

The CEMS Executive Board in December 2013 decided to introduce a "CEMS Student Registration & Handling Fee" from CEMS year 2014/15. The fee is of 100 €, and it will be used for central services. Once you are admitted to CEMS MIM, you should visit as early as possible the following page and pay the CEMS Student Fee online : 
You will need you ID and password to reach that page (set at the moment of registering you in the CEMS database after final confirmation of your selection for CEMS MIM Programme.

Payment can be done by selected credit cards (Visa, Master Card) or via bank wire transfer. Deadline for making a payment is 30 April of the year of selection (i.e. students selected for the 2022/2023 Class have to pay by the end of April 2022, etc.)
In case of problems or questions please contact: Management of student fees - Contact

The CEMS European Office or SGH, are preparing a set of small souvenirs and publications that are handed in at the beginning of Term 1.  The package is sent to CEMS Programme Manager of the university in which you will study MIM in Term 1.
CEMS students who will spend their term abroad at the university that participates in Erasmus network, may be eligible for Erasmus+ scholarship, provided you have not benfefited from it (in form of mobility or internship abroad) at Master's level at any university for a period that exceeds 12 months (including planned term abroad within CEMS).

For example: if you are going to spend a term abroad within CEMS for 4 months and you've been on exchange at Master's level for 5 months, and you have also benefted from internship scholarship for 4 months (as Master's student at SGH or other university), then: 5+4+planned 4 = 13. It means you may benefit from Erasmus for a period no longer than 3 months. If you ersmus period were taken at Bachelor's leve, then you do not have to worry, since 12-month limit applieas to each level of studies separately.