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Antonia Dobrzyńska Jennings
country: United Kingdom

I had no idea what to expect when I decided to go to SUW. While I thought it would be an interesting course, I certainly did not predict what a memorable two weeks it would turn out to become. The people who go to SUW come from literally all four corners of the world, each with their own languages and cultures to bring to the school. I can honestly say I made some friends for life. As for the course itself, it is taught by leading Polish and Eastern European academics, each with their own interesting insight into the rapidly changing position Eastern Europe has in world politics today. The pastoral staff are extremely helpful, and the fact they are there both in your working and academic time results in a chance to build up strong relationships with them. The social side of SUW is really great too – in my two weeks there we went to many attractions in Warsaw itself, as well as in Krakow and Wieliczka. Coming to SUW has made me sure of the area I want to go into – international political journalism. SUW is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in meeting people from across the globe, having a lot of fun and finding out about the dynamic role Poland and Eastern Europe have in the 21st century.



Miguel Moura
country: Portugal

I found out about Summer University Warsaw at Warsaw School of Economics through a friend of mine who only gave me glowing recommendations about this great program. Now, I am proud and able to do the same myself. SUW was one of the best experiences I’ve had as a Management student at Católica.Porto – Universidade Católica Portuguesa. It not only opened and broadened my views and preconceptions about Polish Economy and Policies (one of the fastest growing Economies in Europe) as it gave me the chance of sharing my points of view with students from literally all over the world as well as it gave me the unique opportunity to network and make very good friends in the process. In addition to a great curricular program, the cities we stayed in (Warsaw and Krakow) and the after work activities were amazing and great fun. I think I speak for all the participants when I say they were incredibly fun thanks to the fantastic organizing team who bent over backwards to make sure everything and anything was running smooth and flawlessly. In retrospective, I can, without a doubt, say these were some very productive and fulfilling 14 day I won’t ever forget.


Sana Cheong
country: China

It was wonderful and beautiful 2 weeks. I had such a great time and I will never forget it, it became awesome memories. Thanks for this program, my summer become unforgettable and meaningful. I love Summer University Warsaw! This program not only let me learn more about Europe and Poland, widen my eyesight, met many different nationalities of friends and but also let my behaviors and thinking become more mature. In this trip, I tried and experienced many things that I never done before. My first time to go aboard, my first time to visit Europe, my first time to meet foreign friends ……. I do recommend people to join this program, it won't charge you a lot and you can learn and get lot of fantastic experiences!




Pieter Bynens
country: Belgium

SUW is a great way to get an extra credit and to broaden your knowledge about the history and economic development of Poland. There's a variety of subjects covered in the lectures which keeps it interesting at all time. During your spare time, there's an excellent organising team that makes sure you make the most of your stay in Warsaw. During the day, they take you to the old town, the city centre, musea,... After that, you get to know the famous Warsaw nightlife. The best part, in my opinion, was meeting people from all around the world. In just two weeks, you form a small melting pot of cultures, giving you the opportunity to get to know other cultures and share your own. All in all, it was an intense experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life.



YanShen Tan

country: Singapore

Although SUW lasted for just two weeks, I gained the most valuable and wonderful experience in meeting new people from various parts of the world, and acquired the opportunity to experience the local Polish culture in every aspect, and at a cost that is relatively lower as compared to other summer programmes offered by other universities. The food, culture, comfortable dormitory and everything else were just splendid. I remember that on the first day I stepped into the airport of Warsaw, I was greeted by an enthusiastic student organiser who welcomed me warmly. Shortly, I met up with the rest of the student organisers and they too, were very amiable and helpful. I could never imagine my experience would be great and smooth without them. The organising team had also planned a series of activities to engage all the participants, which provided us the chance to tour around various places of attraction and had fun together! The trip to Krakow was especially memorable, for the city is simply pretty. An applause and good job to the student organisers! More importantly perhaps, the programme had granted me the opportunity to interact with students coming from different countries. Through these interactions, I got to know a little bit more about the culture of each and every other country, which widened my knowledge that you do not find in books or on the internet. In short, my stay in Poland had been a truly fruitful and enjoyable one. I miss it. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the University, all the student organisers and the other participants in making such an amazing experience for me possible.


Stephan Shaefer
country: Germany

To be honest i didn't elect Warsaw University because i was interested in the program but rather becaue it offered the best value for money. But during the participation in the program i got really interested in it and in the end it was a great investment. First of all the lectures provided were great and besides there were great trips, for instance to the stock exchange of Warsaw and the national bank of Poland. Furthermore, there are great opportunities for your spare time. You will get to know the nightlife of Warsaw that is astonishing. Also a trip to Krakow was included in the price that was really great since the city is amazing and it offers a lot of opportunities to go out. But the most important point for me is that you get in touch with the Polish culture and people. All of them are very friendly (especially the staff) and open-minded. In my opinion Poland is the perfect place for a summer university and i can just highly recommend you to got there, you won't regret it. It's a nice experience and a great country!!



Maia Adamia
country: Georgia

I spent at SUW the most wonderful and unforgettable 14 days of my life. I had an opportunity to meet various people from all over the world. We had trip to Cracow which was really amazing. Visiting Auschwitz quite stressed me, but to tell the truth everyone must see it. We went to clubs or bars and it was quite difficult to stand up early in the morning for lectures, but somehow we managed to do that. :) I advice everyone to visit Poland, because it is really very beautiful place.




Dino Konsuo
country: Croatia

Summer University Warsaw 2010 was a great experience for me. I really had a great time and those two weeks were definitely best two weeks in my whole 2010. Best part of whole SUW was great organization because we have visited most famous places in Poland (Warsaw, Krakow, Auschwitz, Wieliczka...) and at the same time we had enough time for ourselves. I met a lot of people from all around the world and I'm still in contact with most of them. For example, Mikko from Finland is coming to Croatia and I'm going to be his guide. Also, a friend of mine is studying abroad in Australia and I just contacted my friends over there (guys from SUW) so they'll help her a lot. In the end, I would like to say that organizers were great, I really fell in love with Poland and Polish people and I'll definitely come back. I'll never forget those two weeks, participants and whole SUW team. Thank you for great memories... 




Laurent de Smedt
country: Belgium

After studying one year as an Erasmus student at Warsaw School of Economics, I was looking to extend my stay in Warsaw during summer. Summer University gave me that possibility.During those two weeks, the students of Warsaw School of Economics who organized the summer university worked very hard to make sure that everything went well. They picked us up at the airport or station and accompanied us to the dormitory, where all participants lived during their stay. The dormitory was an excellent place to meet all the participants who came from different parts of the world.

During the weekdays, we had lectures which covered several economical, political and financial themes on Poland and Eastern Europe. Later on we had the chance to practice our knowledge during the workshops. Many important and well known professors, like the former Polish minister of finance Kolodko, gave lectures during SUW. When the lectures were finished, there was always a cultural or social event planned. We visited the Old Town in Warsaw, the Palace of Culture (also known as the Stalin building), the royal castle and had many trips through one of Warsaw’s beautiful parks or shopping centers. In the evening most students gathered together in one of the rooms to talk or prepared themselves for one of the fabulous parties in Warsaw or events organized by the SUW team. Warsaw has a wonderful nightlife, with amazing clubs and bars. After a day full of interesting lectures it was always nice to relax and have fun with the other students, sometimes till the early morning J. Also worthwhile to mention is the Krakow trip where we visited the beautiful city center, Auschwitz and the salt mines of Wieliczka.

Summer University at the Warsaw School of Economics is not only a great way to learn about several subjects concerning Poland and other Eastern countries, it is also a great way to have fun, explore the Polish culture and meet the other participants who come from all over the world. I recommend it and would do it again!!


Mi-jeong Kim
country: South Korea 

My summer vacation of 2009 at SUW in Poland was such an excellent experience. I totally enjoyed myself with other friends from the different countries (cultures), and also learned some knowledge about EU and EU member countries. I can't say that I learned lots of things there, but I can say that my short stay in Poland gave me motivation to study much harder and do my best whatever I do in the future.
I really appreciate all the efforts that my kind and friendly Polish friends (organizers) made during my stay. I hope that I can have another experience in the near future.




Alexander J.T. Mackaay
country: Netherlands 

SUW was a great experience! I had a nice and surprising welcome when I arrived. Everything was arranged for me. The room was nice, cozy, and I had a fun roommate to hang out with. The other participants were from everywhere around the world, it was cool to get to know all those different cultures and to live together for two weeks.

The classes at SUW were interesting and were well organized. We had classes from different professors who looked at the subject (Management in Central Europe) in different ways. It was good to learn about Poland’s history and its influence on the changes in Europe in the 1980s. It was surprising to see how important it was for the Poles to enter the European Union, for them it’s a huge historical event.

What can I say about Warsaw? I liked it a lot! It’s maybe not that historical, however it had a certain touch that I liked. You can clearly notice that they are still busy with rebuilding and improving Warsaw. We also visited Cracow and Auschwitz; this was really interesting and impressive. Everyone in the world should see Auschwitz with its own eyes!

However, the best at SUW were our Polish hosts. Those students arranged everything, like classes, food, drinks, bars, and so on. Every day they organized a city trip to Warsaw, and in the evening we would go to the bar, club or karaoke. Our Polish hosts were fabulous!!! Thank you for the great time!

So, don’t question it, just go to Warsaw, and enjoy it in multiple ways!


Martin Kalis
country: The Czech Republic

Summer University in Warsaw 2009 was amazing experience for me. We have spent 2 weeks learning mostly interesting stuff, sightseeing and having fun. If you are looking for an exciting way to spend you summer which would bring you some new knowledge in affordable budget - you can stop now - this is definitely it! I have no doubt the next SU will be even better and courses even more interesting thanks to its dedicated organizers.




Ana C. Moura
country: Portugal

Undoubtedly, SUW’09 was the best part of my last summer holidays! It was a great opportunity to do something different and widen my horizons. Warsaw is an amazing and charming city with an incredible nightlife and, from my point of view, a totally different culture! I really enjoyed everything we have done in SUW’09: the lectures, our trip to Krakow, the walks around the city, visits to museums and, of course, our PARTIES! On top of these, I had the chance to meet extraordinary people from all over the world that, for sure, I won’t forget. This was definitely the best part of the whole experience!

Also, the staff was always there to help us, not only during our staying in Warsaw, but also before going there. Actually, they provided us with some useful information about the lodging and what we should carry in our luggage. Don’t hesitate in applying for SUW’10! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. This is a good way to have an international experience which is so important nowadays and, at the same time, meet new people, get in touch with a new culture and ways of thinking while having a wonderful time!


Alex Longhino
country: Luxembourg

Summer school was a great experience for me, I met a lot of people from all over the world and enjoyed a really good time with them. It was very exciting to work with such an international group during the classes and of course we had at least that much fun in our leisure time!