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Methodology of online courses

10/17/2013 category: others 

Backgrounds and scope: Online classes differ significantly from the traditional lessons in a classroom or in a computer lab. They must also be more precisely planned and prepared. It applies particularly to all sorts of activities aimed at the learners, which must not only vary in their form and amount, but also should fulfill different needs of the individual learners as well as various learning conditions of educational processes.

COE research and results: Methodology of online classes is one of the main fields in focus of research carried out by COE SGH team. Therefore, one of the most important projects was aimed at elaboration of a range of possible teaching schemes in e-learning. The basic task in that research was then to find the answer to a following question: what is the most important difference between traditional and online classes and - in consequence – to
what extent it is possible to implement best practices known from classroom lessons in virtual environment. For the purpose of that research several Polish universities were chosen and about 50 interviews have been made among the university teachers well known form their activity and mastery in on campus lectures or classes. The results of analysis of the collected data have lead to a set of recommendations concerning the way of preparing online courses at university level. Those results are also used by instructional designers at SGH in their everyday work on online lectures at the university. They have also been a good starting point for further research undertaken by COE SGH team such as: application of RLO concept, personalization and new means of learning content delivery.

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