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Methodology of creating e-learning content

10/17/2013 category: others 

Backgrounds and scope: Practical knowledge of methodological backgrounds in the fieldof preparing e-learning content is one of the key requirements for those, who intend toimplement e-learning solutions in everyday school practice. Necessity to fulfill thisrequirement is equally important when some elements of e-learning only support traditionallearning processes as well as when one intends to introduce fully online courses.

Our research and results: Methodology of creating online content has been one of the most important areas of COE research from the very beginning of its activity. Actually it was the first subject of research carried out by the Centre starting from 2001. The results of a study have given the pedagogical backgrounds for internal e-learning standards at Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). They have also allowed to properly locate undertaken elearning activities in educational context of tertiary education in Poland. Elaborated guidebook, extended and revised in the following years has been broadly used both by theuniversity teachers involved in e-learning and by the academics from the other universities in Poland interested in implementing online activities in their centres. The results have also been published in e-mentor magazine (issued by SGH) and presented during national andinternational conferences and are often referred to as the best practices examples.

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