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A model of e-learning at the university

10/17/2013 category: others 

Backgrounds and scope: In recent years e-learning has gradually but systematically become an integral part of tertiary education. To some extent it is a natural consequence of Bologna Process and increasing mobility of students in particular. Another important factor is the systematically growing role of the concept of “learning on demand” combined with the idea of “just in time” and “just enough” learning. Additionally, in Poland one of the recent changes in this area is the first official regulation of Ministry of Science and Higher Education allowing introduction of some elements of e-learning in universities teaching practices. Such circumstances seem to create eventually the requirements for replacement of current, mostly individual and therefore dispersed, e-learning initiatives by carefully planned and possibly complete global strategies for the whole educational institutions. This is imposed not only b ythe scale of prospect organizational, financial and quality improvements but also by the necessity of ensuring a proper place of e-learning in contemporary university education.

COE research and results: Establishing a fully functional and effective model of e-learning at the university is one of the important issues in research carried out by COE SGH. Conceptual works in this field are aimed at defining the proper placement of that educational form in the whole university didactic process. This applies also to the scope of responsibility of different university units involved in e-learning with regard to adequate planning and conducting online courses. Another important issue concerns the financial aspects of elearning, namely the system of compensation for preparing e-content and presenting online lectures. The results of research work in this field have also very practical dimension as they are directly applied to SGH e-learning policy. They have also been used as a background for a multidimensional matrix of e-learning applications in tertiary education. Widely published in various forms, have become known and used also by the other universities in Poland.

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