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Evaluation and e-learning

10/17/2013 category: others 

Backgrounds and scope: Evaluation should accompany almost every important project at its various steps although it plays different role in each of them. Evaluation ex ante, forinstance, usually precedes already planned activities and may be combined with SWOT analysis or Delphi prediction method. Its role is to enable appropriate design of plannedactivities. Another step of evaluation - mid term – is also called formative and is usually usedfor improving the project during its flow while ex post evaluation is aimed at improving thenext edition of the project. This type of evaluation can also be called summative.

COE research and results: Evaluation of online activities constitutes a vital part of COE SGH research for many years. The form and the scope of it is adjusted to the type of activities undergoing this process. At the introductory phase of e-learning at SGH it focused on checking the attitude of people involved in that process from both sides – the teachers and the students. Along with the maturity of e-learning at the university, the assessment approach has been changed and now it is oriented on many various aspects like: measuring satisfaction of online knowledge delivery and creation, effectiveness and efficiency of knowledge transfer as well as accuracy and usability of methods and techniques applied in this type of education.

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