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 Scope of responsibilities


The responsibilities of Rector's Office include: 

  • creating and fulfilling information and promotion policies;
  • supervising, editing and publishing content of the SGH website/portal;
  • implementing the visual identity guidelines and supervising the use of legally protected SGH signs;
  • editing of the Public Information Bulletin (BIP);
  • providing information about current and future events planned at the SGH, such as open lectures, seminars, conferences;
  • providing information about university rankings, awards, achievements of academics and students;
  • preparing and editing a weekly SGH Newsletter;
  • moderating the SGH social media channels;
  • collecting statistical information about the various areas of the SGH operations;
  • creating guidelines for university documents according to visual identity policy;
  • managing media relations;
  • preparing, issuing and distribution of press releases;
  • monitoring Polish and foreign media regarding news publications about the SGH;
  • coordination of contact between the SGH units and the media;
  • connecting media representatives with SGH experts;
  • managing crisis communication.