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Rector’s order on the changes in organization of classes

3/20/2020 category: information 


​Rector’s order no 24 of March 19, 2020 on the changes in organization of classes at SGH Warsaw School of Economics during the time of class suspension introduced to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus causing COVID-19 disease.

Pursuant to § 23 Art 1 of the Act on Law on Higher Education and Science of 20 July 20, 2018 (Journal of Laws of 2020, items 85 and 374) declaration of the state of epidemic emergency and in relation to the order of the minister of higher education and science of March 11, 2020 temporarily restricting activities of a given higher education institutions related to the prevention, countermeasures and combating of SARS-CoV-2, (Journal of Laws of 2020, items 405 and 455) it is ordered as follows:

§ 1

First, Second and Third Cycle Studies

1. Classes for first, second and third cycle studies as well as Doctoral School will be conducted in the form of distance learning. It applies to both part-time and full-time studies.

2. In relation to the classes in spring semester of the academic year 2019/2020 all academic teachers are required to meet their learning objectives until June 14, 2020.

3. Academic teachers are allowed to change the obligatory reading materials, as defined in the syllabi of the subjects they are teaching, if it is indispensable for conducting distance learning. However, they are required to communicate this change to their students. 

4. Academic teachers are required to present their students with the alternative , suited to distance learning, ways of completing classes and receiving credits until May 10, which will come into force when there is no possibility to conduct regular exams.

5. Academic teachers are allowed to individually determine exam forms and contents and are not required to provide standardized testing of the learning outcomes of the primary and major subjects in the spring semester of the academic year 2019/2020.

6. The lectures and classes can be conducted using tools for distance learning offered by SGH Warsaw School of Economics or others, as long as they guarantee the protection of personal data of the participants of the didactic process.

7. The school offers the tools available through the following platforms: e-sgh, Niezbędnik e-sgh, applications for webinars ClickMeeting, specialized virtual laboratories as well as comprehensive package of Microsoft 365, including electronic mail and Microsoft Teams.

8. The school provides its employees with computer equipment that allows conducting classes in the distance learning mode.

9. The school may rent computer equipment to students in order to allow them to participate in classes conducted in the distance learning mode. Applications for this service will be realized progressively and priority will be given to students who have been granted social scholarships.

10. In case of technical limitations, which will prevent students from simultaneous participation in classes, the students are obliged to immediately communicate it to the academic teacher, who will determine alternative conditions for the students workload to be accounted for in this particular subject.

11. Physical Education classes will be substituted with individual developmental trainings planned in cooperation with the staff of Centre of Physical Education and Sports and with theory classes concerning the techniques of practicing given sport disciplines. All activities will be conducted in the existing class groups.

12. In case of illness that prevents the academic teacher from conducting the classes, the teacher is required to report it to the immediate supervisor, who - in agreement with the chancellor - will appoint the substitute teacher.

13. The teachers conducting classes in the mode of distance learning will present a written report on their realization to the immediate supervisor until July 30 2020 r. 

14. Classes conduced in the mode of distance learning will be counted to the teaching quota, after fulfilling the requirement from point 13, as equivalents to classes in the mode that was planned for spring semester of the academic year 2019/2020.

15. The first day of the classes in the distance mode is March 26, 2020 r. if the suspension of classes by the minister of higher education and science will be prolonged. Academic teachers, who have already started teaching in distance mode, will be able to complete the teaching process by June 14, 2020, as long as they fulfill their teaching objectives.

§ 2

Postgradute studies

For postgraduate studies there is a possibility to postpone their meetings or in case when no less than 80 percent of the participants will provide their written consent to such a teaching mode, the teaching process will be conducted on distance in the simultaneous mode. It is allowed to provide the consent via email, using email addresses that were assigned during registration for the studies.

§ 3

The ordinance enters into force on the day of signing.


Professor Marek Rocki, Ph. D.​


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