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 What does the office do?


The main tasks of the office include:
  1. assisting the Student Housing Board of SGH Students’ Union;
  2. ​issuing accommodation confirmation letters to students;
  3. ensuring living conditions in accordance with current legal regulations, including the Rules and Regulations of SGH Student Residence Halls;
  4. managing commercial accommodation, including hostel services during the summer break, in order to ensure full usage of housing capacity, and promoting commercial services;
  5. cooperation with technical units of SGH in terms of current maintenance and management of the residence halls;
  6. current maintenance and management of the residence halls;
  7. preparing spending, renovation and modernisation plans;
  8. planning income and costs resulting from the operation of the residence halls, as well as reposting income and costs;
  9. supervising the electronic system for accommodation applications;
  10. running confirmation points for ePUAP “trusted profile” (profil zaufany).