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 Scope of office responsibilities

Organisation and Legislation Division shall be specifically responsible for:
  • preparing and publishing of internal legal acts,
  • organisational and technical preparation of the sittings of the Senate of SGH,
  • maintaining ceremonial robes in good state of repair and making them available to the SGH Senate members,​
  • organising and training the SGH colour party as well as ensuring ceremonial robes and accessories,​
  • preparing powers of attorney and authorisations granted by the Rector,​
  • contracting out sworn translation tasks to appropriate external entities,
  • recording and updating commission members,
  • creating and allocating identification codes in the scope provided for in specific regulations,​
  • coordinating taking position by the University authorities in relation to external legal acts passed over for consultation with the relevant units,
  • participating in organising meetings and conferences called by the Rector,
  • participating in handling matters arising from Rector’s contacts with the University authorities, research institutions and social organisations,​
  • coordinating any other general university tasks delegated by the Rector and Vice-Rectors,​
  • coordinating and organising university events following from the calendar of academic events,
  • ensuring administrative and technical support for the Rector and Vice-Rectors,
  • reception and assistant services to provide support for Rector's authorities,
  • fulfilling the authorisation granted directly by the Rector to maintain correspondence exchange and contacts with all University units,
  • secretarial support for business meetings of Rector and Vice-Rectors,
  • organising visit details of the Rector’s and Vice-Rector’s guests at SGH,
  • gathering information and materials from conferences and collegia of rectors of higher education institutions,
  • organising work of Rector’s and Vice-Rector's drivers,
  • care of the insignia and academic robes of the Rector’s authorities,
  • running a Central Register of Powers of Attorney and Authorisations,
  • running a file of documents of the matters settled,​
  • attending to honorary patronages.
The framework of duties of the Organisation and Legislation Division has been outlined in detail in para 65 zarządzenia Rektora nr 61 z dnia 23 października 2013 r. w sprawie wprowadzenia Regulaminu organizacyjnego SGH, z późn. zm. (Organisational Rules and Regulations of SGH).