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 Doing Business in Poland

Expand your professional expertise
with SGH - the top-ranked University
of economics and management in Poland!

Doing Business in Poland (DBI Poland)
is an intense,
short-term programme
addressed to executives, business students
and professionals interested in 
discovering business opportunities
and settings in the CEE region.


 Programme Overview


DBI Poland is a fine combination of:

  • Intense immersion into local business reality
  • Practical insight into the specifics of local business activities
  • Real-life interaction with a different culture
  • Networking opportunities with business high-flyers
  • Unforgettable academic adventure


One of the key advantages of the programme is its flexible curriculum, customized in accordance with your preferences and educational objectives. Some examples of available themes include:  

  • How to start a business in European Union/Central Europe/Poland
  • Financial and tax regulations of business activities in European Union/Central Europe/Poland
  • Legal  regulations of business in European Union/Central Europe/Poland
  • Doing business in a particular sector (e.g. financial, manufacturing, high-tech)
The programme might last for one to three weeks, and be delivered either on continuous or modular basis.
The average number of ECTS/credits gained within one week is 3/1.5.
The general structure of the DBI curriculum includes the following components:

2.pngTheoretical foundations 
Series of interactive lectures and workshops on the key aspects which shape business reality of Poland, i.e. regional macroeconomics, human resources potential and management, legal regulations, support agencies, social and cultural specifics.
We aim to make sure that you get essential, up-to-date knowledge
of the subject, delivered by renowned experts
and by top-quality standards.

 3.pngOn-site experience
DBI Poland includes field trips to a selection of companies, which provide a diversified
and real-life picture of Polish business environment.
We aim to make sure you get an opportunity
to witness how businesses in Poland operate on daily basis,
talk with business leaders and make valuable professional contacts.

Cultural immersion
DBI Poland includes sightseeing and social events, which supplement the business view
of Poland with a more general perspective and enhance the networking opportunities provided
in the programme.
We aim to make sure you get in touch with the bits & pieces of our local cultural heritage, and have a great time!

 programme design process




It takes just a few steps to get your tailored DBI Poland curriculum:

  1. Contact DBI Poland Programme Office and describe the preferred theme, learning objectives, group size and profile, preferred duration (e.g. 1-week program.pdf1-week program.pdf) and any other relevant information;
  2. Receive a draft curriculum, with particular academic content and field trips that lead to fulfilling your learning objectives, and the programme fee; at this stage all questions and suggestions are welcome – we want to make sure you are convinced that you get what you need!
  3. Accept the final curriculum and sign the cooperation agreement
  4. Book the flight and get ready for an excellent academic adventure!  



 Business in Poland


Why Doing Business in… Poland?

A unique combination of friendly business conditions, highly-skilled professionals and attractive operating costs make Poland an excellent choice for business development activities for companies across diverse industries.
Poland is the perfect hub to explore European market, because:
  • it offers a unique combination of emergent market agility with EU member’s stability,
  • it is a gateway between EU and Eastern markets,
  • Polish economy has grown by more than any other country in Europe growth in the last decades, which is a phenomenon comparable to India or China,
  • it is the only European country which avoided the downturn during the global crisis of 2008, 
  • it is an undisputed leader as the target new investment location.
DBI Poland gives an opportunity for complex, on-site exploration of the key conditions determining the Polish success story. 
For more information about business opportunities in Poland please refer to:

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SGH is the top ranked business school in Poland. 
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