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 frequently asked questions.. and answers

​Who can use o365 mailbox?

New o365 mailbox can be used by students and graduates of SGH Warsaw School of Economics.

Do I have to pay to use new o365 mailbox?

No, new o365 mailbox is free of charge for students and graduates of SGH Warsaw School of Economics.

How to create an account in o365?

Students, who already have student number, don't have to create an account. We do it for You, the same as Virtual Dean's Office account.

How to change password?

If you forgot your password, go to website, fill out all the gaps and click "Change password". REMEMBER to change password every 180 days!! To see short instruction click HERE

How to reset your password?

To reset your password go to website In field "Użytkownik" write your username (initials + student number) and chose "wyślij mi przypomnienie mailem na wybraną wcześniej skrzynkę pocztową". In the end click "Dalej". You will receive your new, temporary password at your private email. Don't forget to change it, in order to sign into Virtual Dean's Office, email etc. To see short instruction click HERE​​

REMEMBER: If you didn’t set up this option, you will NOT receive a message with a new password. To check this out, log into website and see tab “Ustawienia odzyskiwania hasła”​.