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new wifi network for SGH guests

2/13/2018 category: information 

In order to increase safety of data transmition by WI-FI, we have launched a new wireless network called SGH_WIFI_SMS, where you can login with password provided via SMS. 

In order to log in to the network a Guest can register their mobile phone number at campus reception desk or by the staff or students, who has active SGH account (using a special link on Account Aplication). Amount of generated and received passwords during the month cycle is limited.

For employees and students we strongly recommend to use EDUROAM wireless network, which can be used in other academic institutions with the same login procedure you perform on the SGH campus. However, there are available other WI-FI networks, such as SGH_PRACOWNICY_R and SGH_INTERNET_R. 

More details regarding the new SGH_WIFI_SMS network you can find on website

Kind regards,

IT Support Team.

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